Stores Closed Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday 09/27 to 09/29 Final Day Sept 30th Regular Store Hours 90% Off all in store purchases

Skunk Grow will be closed the 27th, 28th, 29th.

Final day open will be Saturday Sept 30th

Peoria 10am to 6pm

Owasso 10am to 2pm

Due to higher than expect traffic on Monday we will be closing the doors during this final week to regroup until Saturday, the final day.

We will be busy and may not be able to answer the phone. Please check website for inventory levels and availability or come into the stores. Accuracy of stock is not guaranteed.

Come in and make an offer on non-inventory items including electronics (Ipads, TVs, computers, Etc.) mini fridges, tools, fixtures, shelving, displays, forklift (Peoria) and pallet jacks. Non inventory items are eligible for BULK discounts only.


Due to low staffing, we will NOT load vehicles. Be prepared to bring help to load if you will need it.

Purchases over $10,000 may qualify for further discounts.

First come first serve no holds, no rain checks. No payments over the phone will be accepted. In store purchase and pickup only. All purchases must be picked up by close of business day Sept 30th or arrangements must be made with prior approval from the owner or goods are forfeited, and no refunds will be given.

All sales are final. No returns, refunds or exchanges.

Beginners Home Growing Questions

What is the best way to grow if I have never grown anything before?

Soil is extremely forgiving. For beginners interested in growing for the first time, a living soil is a great way to start. Living soils are organic ecosystems that contain everything your plants need to thrive, requiring only water for the first 8-12 weeks of your plant’s life. Mileage varies based on many different factors. Come see us to learn more! 

What is most important - genetics or lighting?

This is a question we hear a lot. Generally speaking, genetics determine the potential of the plant, but proper lighting is required for the plant to reach its genetic potential.  The best genetics can only produce as much as its lighting allows. The best grow lights can maximize the inherent potential of the plant. Any plant will struggle to grow if it does not have adequate lighting. For best results, high quality horticultural grow lights are the best investment when growing indoors. 

Do I really need all this stuff???

Short answer: Yes. But, not all at once. 

Long answer: When growing plants indoors, you are attempting to recreate its ideal environment. This means you control the temperature, humidity, light source and light cycle, soil, water, nutrients – everything. This is accomplished through using different products and various equipment.  Please visit one of our locations for more information.

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Skunk Grow Supply - Peoria

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Skunk Grow Supply - Owasso

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