About Skunk Grow Supply

Skunk Grow Supply is a retail garden supply store that is focused on taking a personalized approach to our customer’s gardening needs.   In 2018, US Air Force Veteran Patricia Griffin opened Skunk Grow Supply after SQ 788 passed in Oklahoma for Medical Marijuana. Having worked in the drug and alcohol abuse program in the military, she wanted to help people find a holistic approach to mental wellbeing.  Patricia found gardening to be a healthy outlet that allowed her to provide her own food and medicine.  She believed people could take charge of their physical and mental health by gardening- working in their gardens, with their plants, knowing what goes into their bodies. Patricia, and her team at Skunk Grow Supply, work hard to help people be successful in their growing endeavors. 

Skunk Grow Supply team members have their own area of expertise, building on each other’s knowledge to help all customers with their unique situations.  It is truly a team effort, with the ultimate goal being customer success. Whether you want to grow brussels sprouts, succulents, or cannabis, we are here to help you succeed. 

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