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Optic Foliar



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TRANSPORT provides superior spreading and wetting capabilities that allow you to spray in full sunlight with no damage or burning.

Combine Optic Foliar TRANSPORT with any foliar solution to allow you to spray in full sunlight with no damage or burning, residuals to wash off or the need to spray the undersides of the leaves. Transport is the only spreader to maximize absorption to the plants Mesophyll Layer. 

Best used with distilled water.
When mixing with pesticides, fungicides or any other competitor branded foliar performance product, it is best to use product quarter strength with TRANSPORT at full strength on first spray, and to test on a few plants before spraying entire garden.

Can be stored long term: Store any mixed solution in a cool dark space away from HID lighting.

  • Shake products well before spraying.
  • Spray while lights are on.
  • Do no adjust pH of foliar spray.
  • Avoid spraying any electrical or lighting.
  • turn off all oscillating fans while spraying.
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