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New Millenium

Decision- NM

Decision- NM

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A standalone fertilizer to initiate rapid flowering response & development during the transitional phase from vegetative to reproductive growth. The formula’s chemistry also has a secondary use of ceasing prolific or excessive plant stretch and growth without the use of caustic plant growth regulators.

Provides plants a strict diet of nothing but Decision will curtails plant frame building and increase reproductive site formation during WEEK 1 of the blooming phase. Please understand that this nutrient will work fast if you have little or no cation exchange capacity (CEC) in your rhizosphere.

A definitive game changer product. Will show results as early as 24 hours when used as directed. USE ONLY AS INSTRUCTED WITH RUBY FUL#$%.

Will limit vertical shoot growth in plants when applied in either vegetative or reproductive growth phases.

Increases bud set formation in fruiting crops by allowing the plant the ability to easily, and immediately, transition from vegetative to blooming within the first days of a 12/12 light cycle.

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